Road Safety Alert – Yellow Weather Warning for Snow / Ice


The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is advising all road users to prepare for cold weather conditions as Met Eireann have issued a Yellow Weather Warning for Snow and Ice for Monday and Tuesday. Wintery showers of hail, sleet and snow are expected. With overnight temperatures expected around zero or below over the coming nights there […]

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Orange and Yellow Weather Warnings Issued for Storm Ciara


  The Road Safety Authority (RSA), is asking road users to exercise caution while using the roads over the weekend as Met Eireann has issued Orange and Yellow weather warnings for strong winds and heavy rain. Met Eireann has issued an Orange Wind weather warning for Galway from 1pm to 6pm and for Donegal and […]

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Retained Surgical Object – Medical Negligence Case Details


Case Type: Medical Negligence * Settled by: Caoimhe McConnell Injury: Retention of Surgical Device * Case Summary Incident: The client gave birth to her daughter on the 24/08/2016 and was sent home from the hospital. She had an uncomfortable feeling of pressure all that day and when she woke up that night to use the bathroom she got […]

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Statement re NCT


Since the issue of the scissors lift in NCTS Centres has come to light the Road Safety Authority has been working with Applus and engaging with other relevant stakeholders to ensure that they are appraised of the issue and to establish the extent of the problem and possible resolutions. This also includes engagement with An […]

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Dublin Airport Injury Claim *


Airport injury claims * can happen at any stage in Dublin Airport. This may be from the moment you park your car in the Dublin Airport carpark facilities, to walking through the terminal, having a bite to eat or boarding the plane itself. Depending on the nature of your injury and the how the accident […]

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4% Rise in Road Deaths Recorded in 2019


Pedestrian deaths decline by 36% and passenger deaths down by 20%, but 2019 sees 45% rise in driver deaths Vulnerable road user deaths decline by 23%   Provisional road collision statistics for 2019 show deaths resulting from road traffic collisions have increased. A total of 148* people lost their lives in 2019, compared to 142 […]

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Road Safety Alert – Orange and Yellow Weather Warnings for Wind and Rain 18 December 2019


18 December 2019: The Road Safety Authority (RSA), is asking road users to exercise caution while using the roads today as Met Eireann has issued an Orange and Yellow weather warnings for strong winds and rain. Met Eireann have issued an orange weather warning for very strong winds in Cork from 6pm – 9pm today, […]

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French bistro «Le Pastis»


“Le Pastis” is a remarkable newly opened French bistro in the heart of Blackrock village in the South of Dublin whose namesake is the French “Pastis” anise aperitif, that traditionally breaks the ice between dining guests and brings them closer together. Le Pastis specialises in modern European cuisine complemented by contemporary French dishes, prepared using […]

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Elena Baturina. I like Ireland, firstly, because of its simplicity and freedom.


Your latest project is a hotel chain, which connects four cities – Vienna, Karlovy Vary, St. Petersburg and Dublin. How do you plan to expand it? What other cities will enter the network? Following the example of the Morrison hotel in Dublin, will the Hilton hotel franchise be utilised or will your own hotel brand […]

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What is a Zebra Crossing? Zebra and pedestrian crossings are in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians when crossing a road. Although there are precautions in place, accidents on zebra crossings * can still happen. These types of road accidents * can occur as a result of either a pedestrian or driver negligence. It is up to all […]

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