New Legal changes affecting tenants rights and entitlements


Extension of Notice Periods Notice periods a landlord must give for tenancies lasting over 6 months and less than 7 years will be increased substantially.   Duration of Tenancy New Notice Period Former Notice Period Less than 6 months 28 days 28 days Not less than 6 months but less than 1 year 90 days […]

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Industrial Deafness Claims *


Industrial deafness is a hearing impairment that is brought on by exposure to excessive noise in the workplace. Common symptoms that may be present at the onset of industrial deafness are; struggling to hear the TV, missing parts of sentences in a conversation or experiencing a constant buzzing or ringing in your ears (tinnitus). Employees […]

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Home Languages – Recommended Russian language Reading in Public Libraries SURVEY


Do you speak Russian in the home? Do you visit public libraries? Would you like to have more books and other materials in Russian in the library? Are there types of books or perhaps works by favourite authors you think our Public Libraries should have for children and young people? Take part in our survey […]

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Cannabis most common illegal drug detected in drivers in 2018


Drug drivers target of June Bank Holiday road safety campaign Medical Bureau of Road Safety report 43% increase in number of drivers’ specimens submitted for analysis in first four months Gardaí report a 15% increase in DUI arrests (alcohol or drugs) in first four months 62 people have been killed or seriously injured in June […]

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Referendum on divorce passes with 82.1% voting ‘Yes’


The referendum on divorce has been passed by large majority with a final result of 82.1% voting in favour, and 17.9% voting against. The declaration was made at Dublin Castle in the early hours of this morning. The highest Yes vote was in the Dublin constituency of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, where 86.7% voted in favour of […]

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Further findings from the RTÉ TG4 Exit Poll suggest there is significant support among Irish voters for a united Ireland


65% of voters polled have indicated they would vote in favour of a United Ireland if a referendum was held tomorrow. 19% would vote against the proposal, while 15% of respondents to the poll said they did not know or refused to answer the question. Excluding undecided and non-voters, the findings suggest that 77% are […]

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Dublin Bus adds hybrid buses to its fleet – and they’ve changed colour from blue to green


Dublin Bus have some hybrid buses to their fleet, and they’re a different colour to the yellow and blue we know and love. The three new Wrightbus StreetDeck HEV 96 double-decker buses have a distinctive yellow and green paint job. They’ll massively reduce CO2 emissions compared to the other buses in the fleet, but will […]

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Technological University Dublin


Technological University (TU) Dublin are delighted to open the 1916 Bursary Fund. They are inviting your students who are applying to TU Dublin for this September, to apply for the 1916 bursary also. The 1916 Bursary is funded by the Department of Education and Skills for eligible applicants who will be studying in TU Dublin. […]

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Finally: Summer on the cards as temperatures set to soar next week


Temperatures are set to soar next week, according to Met Éireann. Ireland has been in the grip of chilly and damp conditions in the last weeks of spring, but summer is well and truly on the horizon, forecasters say. John Eagleton of Met Éireann said temperatures would rise steadily from the weekend onwards and would […]

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Spinal Injury Claims *


Spinal Injuries * most commonly happen due to a blow to the spine which fractures one or more vertebrae, causing disruption to the cords normal functions. The spinal cord transports any communication that is sent from the brain to the rest of the human body. Depending on what nerve roots affected and the exact location […]

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