There were more than 271,000 businesses operating in Ireland in 2017, the highest number on record, according to figures released recently from the Central Statistics Office

A few other interesting statistics :

this figure was up 8.5% on the 2016 figure of 250,033 companies

these companies employed around 1.55 million people

the services sector accounted for 51 % of these companies, the construction sector accounted for 21.1 %

construction had the biggest jump in people employed between 2013-2017 at 50%

services employment grew by 24.5% and industry by 21% in the same period

Small and Medium Enterprises accounted for 99.8% of the total of Irish businesses

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Written by: Brendan Lawlor

Brendan Lawlor is a Business Consultant who specialises in helping start up companies, University spin outs and companies looking to grow through innovation and exporting.

Brendan Lawlor

Brendan Lawlor

Brendan Lawlor is a business consultant specializing in helping start-ups, spin outs from higher education institutions and companies focused on innovation , growth and exporting.

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