Bicycle accident claims


If a driver of a motor vehicle is injured, or their vehicle has been damaged in an accident on the roads, they are protected by the insurance companies. A Cyclist, on the other hand, may rarely receive the same legal protection & may often be left to fend for themselves, following an accident on the road […]

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No Win No Fee Solicitors Explained *


What is No Win No Fee *? The concept of ‘no win no fee’ * also known as no foal no fee is common practice amongst solicitors in Ireland. This fee arrangement means that a solicitor will not charge for their service if a client’s case is unsuccessful i.e. if you do not win your case, you […]

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Flight Accident Claims *


Flight accident claims * relate to personal injuries * suffered while travelling on an aircraft. In many cases, personal injuries * are sustained when either embarking or disembarking an aircraft or while on flights for various different reasons. If you have been injured while boarding, disembarking a flight or during a flight, then you may […]

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Company Director Duties


Setting up a business often involves forming a limited liability company. Limited liability companies must have at least one (and more usually at least two) company directors. The principal responsibilities of a company director are set out in Part 5 of the Companies Act 2014. Section 228 of this act states: 1) A director of […]

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Circus Extreme – Comes to Dublin for the first time & launches with a sensational stunt!!


From the producers of The Moscow State Circus comes a new death-defying and extreme circus that descends on Ireland as part of its European tour. A one-of-a-kind performance that has been five years in the making and features some of the most talented performers in the world   Merging modern and contemporary styles with extreme […]

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Irish Facebook usage drops by 300,000 users in 2019


Facebook loses 300k+ users in Ireland in less than 9 months – Facebook usage declines by around 10% in Ireland – Almost twice as many pensioners as schoolkids on Facebook – Facebook Stories is a failure – Instagram is where the under 30s audience is An analysis of Facebook usage by Mulley Communications has shown […]

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The Importance of Preserving Evidence in a Personal Injury Case


In many Personal Injury * cases, the outcome is often reliant on the evidence that is presented against the opposing party. It is crucial to preserve key pieces of evidence to prove your case. It is essential to gather this evidence in a timely manner as evidence may dissipate, become lost or unavailable. The best […]

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Workers’ Plight in Aftermath of Apple/Globetech Controversy


Cork North Central Solidarity TD Mick Barry said today that Apple need to be held to account for the treatment of workers who had their work contracts suddenly ended last week before being paid off with one weeks’ pay. He said that some of the workers affected were people who had upended their lives and […]

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41,316 learner drivers told ‘No excuse’ for not sitting test


RSA calls on long-term learner permit holders to sit their driving test without delay In excess of 1,600 vehicles detained from unaccompanied learner permit holders The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has urged multiple learner permit holders, eligible to sit a driving test, to apply for one without delay. There are 41,316 people on their fourth […]

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The SPbU alumni Reunion will take place in Berlin


For the first time ever the traditional gathering of the SPbU graduates will take place outside of Russia. On October 11-12, 2019 the Free University of Berlin will host the alumni of all majors and all years of graduation of Russia’s first university. Lectures by writer Andrei Astvatsatourov and paleontologist Pavel Skuchas, presentation of the […]

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