Do you have some knowledge of Russian but want to hone your skills and speak like a ‘real Russian’?

If so linguists from Moscow have worked together to create a free online resource just for you. Как скажешь (‘If You Say So’ is a virtual textbook and workbook.

In addition to providing grammar explanations, exercises, and automatic feedback on a variety of thematic and grammar topics, the site devotes special attention to authentic speech—from the type of language used in “elevator small talk” to academic conferences. The course is built around video clips. The first category of videos—interviews with students—covers a wide range of topics, such as family, dating, etc. For the videos that demonstrate grammar concepts, we had instructors select grammar topics that are the most difficult for students at the B1 level. The third type of videos the site presents are lectures by Russian professors. Faculty members from psychology, economics, linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, film history, computer sciences all participated in the project and delivered lectures.

The course is aimed at learners at the Intermediate level of Russian.

The resource is free and available to all. You just need to register.


Nasha Gazeta

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