Home Languages – Recommended Russian language Reading in Public Libraries SURVEY

Do you speak Russian in the home?

Do you visit public libraries? Would you like to have more books and other materials in Russian in the library?

Are there types of books or perhaps works by favourite authors you think our Public Libraries should have for children and young people?

Take part in our survey

Post-Primary Languages Initiative (PPLI) funded by the Department of Education and Skills is conducting a survey among those who speak a language other than English/Irish in the home. This home language may be spoken as the main language or in addition to English/Irish. The survey will help us to recommend books and other materials for public libraries to acquire.

We would like to survey parents/guardians and children/ students of Russian speakers to find out what suggestions you have for Russian language materials in public libraries.

If you would like to have a say, take the Recommended Reading survey. We do not ask for your name or contact details, all the information will be used just to process this survey.

Recommended Reading Survey link can be found https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P7JPCLF

More information Kirsi Hanifin kirsi.hanifin@languagesinitiative.ie  


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