стоимость недвижимости

Дублин в пятерке самых дорогих городов Европы для аренды жилья


Согласно данным сервиса релоакции ECA International, Дублин объявлен пятым самым дорогим городом для аренды жилья в Европе. По состоянию на 2020 год средняя стоимость аренды в столице Ирландии выросла на €119 в месяц. Это увеличение соответствует 2,2% в годовом, хотя и ниже 6%, на которые дублинское жилье подорожало в 2019 году. Средняя стоимость аренды дома […]

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House price inflation at new low as more homes hit market


Average house price in second quarter was €263,000, new figures show More residential properties were listed for sale in May than in any month since early 2008 as house price inflation eased to its lowest rate since late 2013. Daft.ie’s latest data shows housing prices were 3.7 per cent higher in the second quarter than […]

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House prices in Ireland rose by 5.5% or €1,000 a month during 2018


House prices in Ireland rose by 5.5%, or €1,000, a month during 2018, according to the latest House Price Survey released today by the property website, daft.ie. The average price nationwide in the final quarter of the year was €254,000, down 1.1% on the figure for the third quarter. In Dublin, prices rose by 2.9% […]

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Rents continue to hit all-time highs with 11.3% national rise – report


Rents have risen on average by more than 11% nationally in the 12 months from September last year, according to the latest report by property website Daft.ie. The website’s latest quarterly rental report says the rise represents the tenth consecutive quarter in which a new all-time high for rents has been set, and also in which annual […]

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A landlord who refused to allow a struggling family pay a portion of their rent through rent allowance for 15 months has been ordered to pay them €14,000 in compensation


In the case, Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Adjudication Officer, Ewa Sobanska said that she was ordering the landlord to pay €7,000 to each parent in the case as she found the discrimination “to be at the more serious end of the scale”. Ms Sobanska said that she was making the award taking into account the […]

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The ‘Economist’ says Dublin house prices are 25% overvalued


Dublin still more affordable than Vancouver, Paris and London, according to publication House prices in Dublin are 25 per cent overvalued against income, according to the Economist, which also finds in a new survey that property price growth in the city has outpaced growth in 22 other global cities over the past five years. The […]

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Эксперты сравнили цены на дома в Дублине и других европейских столицах.


В исследовании, опубликованном ранее, утверждалось, что цены на недвижимость в Дублине растут быстрее, чем в других европейских столицах.

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