Irish winter weather: Met Eireann forecast snow and storms as temperatures set to plummet

Met Eireann has forecasted snow and storms this winter as temperatures are set to plummet over the next few weeks.

But don’t start salting your driveway just yet because the national forecaster is unsure of when the country will see snow.
Deirdre Lowe, a Met Eireann forecaster said: “There’s likely going to be snow at some point in the Northwest, but we don’t know when.”
Despite the UK basking in a record summer heatwave, expects say the coming winter could bring in an ice blast even chillier than last year’s Beast from the East.
The extreme dip in temperature could happen as early as November due to extreme low pressure systems – increasing the chances of a white Christmas.
The country could be plunged into a four-month whiteout when air from the Atlantic and Arctic clash, triggering ice storms over the UK.
The onset of an El Nino warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean and changes in air patterns over the tropics could also keep the country in freezing temperatures through December, January and February, Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden told the Daily Express.
If true, the coming winter could be similar to the big freeze of 2010, which saw the coldest December since records began in 1910.
However, long-range forecasts only give a rough indication of what may happen.

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