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Cork landlord seeks to cram 8 people into 2 bedroom apartment - government must take action

Solidarity TD Mick Barry this morning issued a warning alert that the housing crisis may now be giving rise to shocking overcrowding in some rented accommodation in Cork city.

His warning came after published an ad last Saturday for a person to share a 2 bedroom City Centre apartment with up to 7 other people.

The ad said that the current occupancy of the apartment was 6, indicated that the total could rise to 8 and stated that the space was suitable for either men or women.

The ad indicated that four of the tenants sleep in bunk beds and that what was available was “1 bed space in a shared room”.

The property was located in Carroll’s Quay and the rent being asked was 320 euro per month.

The ad is no longer on the daft site but can be seen at or by googling “Apartment share Carroll’s Kay Cork city”.

Deputy Barry said this morning:  “Whoever is the owner of this property seems prepared to cram 8 human beings into a 2 bedroom apartment in order to make 30 thousand euro a year. This type of profiteering and abuse by cowboy landlords has become common in Dublin and gone untackled by the government. 

''Having seen landlords in Dublin get away with this type of profit maximisation off the backs of tenants, it looks like landlords in Cork and across the country are following suit. If one landlord is bold enough to have this arrangement advertised on an official property website you would imagine that there are others who are making similar arrangements in a quieter fashion.”

Deputy Barry said that the government must act to tackle this blackmarket slum landlordism. He said that only by increasing the provision of social and affordable housing could this type of rack-renting be cut across.

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