Anna Shubina, Head of the choirs “Unison” and “Merry notes.”

A compatriot has established adult and children’s choirs in Ireland, which help promote Russian culture and help the children of Russian-speaking families to not forget their native tongue.

The international chorus of “Unison” has existed in Ireland since 2009. Now it comprises more than 15 nationalities, including people from the former USSR countries, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Georgia and others. The choir sings songs in more than 10 different languages, including Russian (in the repertoire includes “There was a birch in the field”, “Farewell to Maslenitsa” and many other works in Russian). “Unison” has made dozens of appearances at various concerts, events, festivals and competitions.

Anna was born and raised in Saransk, Mordovia, but at 21 she moved to live and work in Moscow. In 2007, Anna and her husband decided to try their luck in Ireland: “Moscow is the perfect city for career, glory and making money,” she says, “but not for family.”

Anna is educated in music and psychology. She graduated from the School of Music with two specialties: music theory and choir conductorship. Anna also has a diploma from the Institute of National Culture of Mordovia State University, specialising as a music teacher and director of a creative team, and additional higher education in practical psychology.

Arriving in Ireland, despite her poor initial knowledge of English, Anna enthusiastically began to express herself in her new country. She enrolled in language courses in the Intercultural Centre in Dublin, and soon she got the idea to open an international choir. There was great interest in the idea, and the first audition was attended by about 20 people of different nationalities and ages. “For me it was unusual and very interesting to work with people from different cultures, to make arrangements of songs in different languages!” says Anna.

When her daughter Sofia started growing up, Anna realized that without her help, the child would not be able to learn Russian. So at the end of 2009 she opened the “Merry notes” choir where she taught children from Russian-speaking families to sing.

During the choir’s existence, Anna Shubina has participated in dozens of events, including the Russian Maslenitsa festival in Dublin. Anna especially remembers a Christmas concert, at which both choirs sang. “I remember the happy and joyful children, the eyes of their parents filled with tears of joy and the care and support from older singers of the choir. It is unforgettable! “

Classes had to be interrupted for a few months, when the choir director had her second child. A son named Daniel. But now the rehearsals resume, and Anna is full of plans for the future. “As a creative person, I’m always welcoming new ideas and the implementation of interesting projects”, she says.

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Viktor Posudnevsky

Анна Шубина – руководитель хоров “Унисон” и “Веселые Нотки”


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