Frequently asked questions about personal injury claims


What is a Personal Injury Claim?- In scenarios where a person is involved in an accident * that was not their fault and sustains an injury as a result of that accident, they may be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim *. There are many different scenarios that could lead to a claim, most […]

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Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (‘CRSS’)


The Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (‘CRSS’) is specifically targeted at sectors which have been impacted by the restrictions which have been set out in the Government’s overall ‘Living with COVID-19’ plan. Again, registration for the scheme is still open and is managed via the Revenue On-Line Service (ROS). Similar to the EWSS, the CRSS is […]

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Sick Pay Entitlements Following an Accident at Work *


An accident at work or any other kind of personal injury can be a very stressful time not only physically and emotionally but financially, where a person cannot return to work following an injury. A common question we get asked from clients is whether they’re entitled to sick pay following an accident at work*. Am I […]

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Public urged to have their say on road safety


Public consultation on next Government Road Safety Strategy is launched Road users called on to have their say before November 18 3 November 2020: Whether they drive a car, cycle a bike, are passengers or pedestrians, all road users are being asked to have their say on road safety policy for the next ten years. […]

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RSA Services affected by move to Level 5 Covid19 Restrictions


Under Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid19, effective from midnight on Wednesday 21 October, for six weeks, the Government has classified some Road Safety Authority (RSA) services as essential services. The Government has classed The Driver Testing Service, the National Driver Licence Service, the National Car Testing Service and the Commercial […]

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Settling a Claim Before it Reaches Court


When settling a claim * it is not uncommon for a case to be settled outside of court. Generally, before that happens, the first step in making a claim is to apply to the Injuries Board. The types of personal injury claims * that are made through the injuries board first are, for example: Personal Injury […]

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Final reminder for residents in Ireland to exchange their UK / NI driving licence for an Irish driving licence


The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS)* is issuing a final reminder to anyone resident in Ireland with a UK / NI driving licence that they need to exchange it now, as their UK/NI licence will not be valid to drive here after 31 December 2020. While the UK has left the EU, a transition period […]

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Going to Court – Not What You Expect


The thought of going to court can be daunting for most of us. One of the first things that springs to most minds is Judge Judy and her intimidating demeanour, never mind the lawyers from ‘Suits’ and Ally McBeal! Court attendance is never as bad as you think it will be. Few realise that whilst […]

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Discard your floating inflatable toys now


It has been called “the summer of inflatables” by rescue service personnel, there have been many emergency calls to adults and children using what have been described by many as “floating killers”. Tragically we have also lost one child to them this year. These toys include look alike dinghies, canoes, kayaks, lilo’s, rings, sharks, seals, […]

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Orange and Yellow Weather Warnings Issued for Storm Francis


The Road Safety Authority (RSA), is asking road users to exercise caution while using the roads over the next few days as Met Eireann has issued an Orange and Yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and a Yellow Weather Warning for strong winds. Drivers are being warned that on top of recent heavy rainfall and […]

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