How Do You Open Your Own Online Casino?


If you have been around the gambling industry for a while now, you probably have a pretty good idea as to what factors make a good online casino. Moreover, you may even think you would be able to do it better than most of the big corporations due to your personal experience – no one […]

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New roadside drug testing system launched at Christmas and New Year road safety appeal


A new preliminary roadside drug driving testing device, which can test for a greater range of drugs at the roadside was launched today at the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Gardai Síochána Christmas and New Year road safety appeal. The launch took place in University College Cork. The new Securetec® Drugwipe 6s roadside drug […]

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Why Gaming Blogs are Still Popular in 2022


The entertainment sector takes pride in having the gaming industry as one of their own, thriving in producing entertainment through blogging content pieces. This type of content creation is sent through various informational websites offering informal text entries on many topics. Such topics include insights, reviews, stories, and tips. These are among many of the […]

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Minister Naughton Announces fines for 16 road safety offences to double from October 27


Fine for speeding to double to €160. Fines for non-wearing of seatbelts and mobile phone use to double to €120 Fines for Learner drivers found driving unaccompanied to double to €180. Fines for non-display of ‘L’ and ‘N’ plates to double to €120 Three new Fixed Charge Offences will be introduced in new year Tackling […]

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Good bye Gorby


  I met the man twice at events organised by the Gorbachev Foundation. He was brief but not abrupt. Polite but not engaging. The last time was at a small gathering of the Gorbachev Fund in November 2019, when former Cold War-riors Christian Wulff and Lech Walesa were in town to commemorate the 30th anniversary […]

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Welcome to Our Man in Russia Newsletter


I got tired of trying to decipher news and information, so decided to tell the story of what’s happening here with a personal edge. I listen to radio daily, watch tv, youtube shows and read copious amounts of news articles (okay, mostly sports), yet not a single one will tell the truth without bias. Russian […]

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Road Safety Alert – High Temperature Advisory for Ireland


The Road Safety Authority (RSA), is asking road users to exercise caution while using the roads as Met Eireann has issued a weather advisory for High Temperatures. Ireland will experience a hot spell developing from Wednesday and continuing through the rest of the week and the weekend. Daytime temperatures will widely reach the mid to […]

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Minister Naughton set to double fines for key road traffic offences


Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Ms. Hildegarde Naughton is set to introduce regulations that will double the fixed charges relating to key road safety offences including speeding, phone use and non-wearing of seatbelts. This will see the fine for speeding increase from €80 to €160 and the fine for using a mobile […]

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Minister Naughton Proposes Increase in Fines at High Level Meeting on Rise in Road Deaths


Minister of State at the Department of Transport Hildegarde Naughton T.D, with special responsibility for road safety, chaired the quarterly meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Road Safety. The meeting brought together the two Departments (Transport and Justice) and the key organisations responsible for the Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy, including the Garda Síochána, the Road […]

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Company Director Duties


Setting up a business often involves forming a limited liability company. Limited liability companies must have at least one (and more usually at least two) company directors. The principal responsibilities of a company director are set out in Part 5 of the Companies Act 2014. Section 228 of this act states: 1) A director of […]

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