Anton Petelchits: “Music for me is like air!”

A talented saxophonist is a fairly rare phenomenon. One of them is Anton Petelchits from Belarus who found himself in Dublin.

The Belorussian Anton Petelchits is known far outside the borders of Ireland. His career began with participation in student performances in the city of Grodno. But today, Anton is primarily known for having founded the group Fusionwave and the Positivesound studio. His path to the profession of a musician  was arduous. First Anton had to get a degree in agriculture and an award for “Excellence in the Soviet Army.”

“I started music school when I was 9 years old. I played the trumpet,” says Anton. “After school I entered the Agricultural College, and I also played as the first trumpet for all student performances. Then I played in the orchestra of the Soviet Army at the Brest garrison for two years. I acquired a love for jazz from my co-workers there. After the army I decided on a musical career and enrolled in the Grodno musical college. In my second year I transferred to the saxophone department”.

A friend of Anton’s from Minsk was living in Ireland. He remarked that the country was interesting and had real scope for artistic expression. At this friend’s suggestion, the saxophonist moved to the Emerald Isle.

“A friend of my landlord had a restaurant in Glasnevin, and I started to play there,” says Anton about his first steps into a new country. “I got to know some people, printed business cards and it all started. When I was in London, I performed with the group KulaShaker on the MTV Music Awards! In Ireland, I worked with Cuda5 in the Gaiety Theatre, at balls in the National Concert Hall and at the Croke Park stadium for VIP guests…”

Together with guitarist Andy Barron, Anton founded the group Fusionwave.  The group is so named because it brings the listener a fusion of all musical styles.

Anton is a generally creative person. In addition to music, he has dabbled in cinema and even featured in the film “Onegin” with Liv Tyler and Ralph Fiennes in the lead roles. “For 14 hours we skated around a London studio with scenery of St. Petersburg in the background,” he recalls from the shoot. “Liv often fell and she would curse terribly.” Among his recordings is the soundtrack to The Man Who Knew Too Little.

“Music for me is like air!” says Anton. “The most important thing is to play with a group in which there is harmony, because the team is like a family. It is important to feel with half a look which passage to take next! Interesting ideas are born only with harmony. “

Natalia KABYAK

Антон Петельчиц: “Музыка для меня, как воздух!”


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