«Nasha Gazeta» (Our newspaper) is monthly publication and the only in Russian and Ukrainian in Ireland N3 (648) 22 March 2021

«Nasha Gazeta» (Our newspaper) is monthly publication and the only in Russian and Ukrainian in Ireland.

The March issue is dedicated to important information for Ukrainian people fleeing from Ukraine:

  • Information for refugees from Ukraine arriving to Ireland
  • What does the EU Temporary Protection status mean for refugees from Ukraine?
  • Social support for Ukrainian refugees
  • Free services for refugees from Ukraine in Ireland

«Nasha Gazeta’s» reporter met the lawyers in Cork who launched an iinitiative of Volunteers for Ukrainian refugees
Also you will find our consultations on injury claim process, support for start-up and small business, visa rules update, CBL scheme for Housing and grant for house modernization as well as discriminations at schools, advice on fuel expense reducing and new VRT rates.
It also presents a new book «Oral Work book and Exam Revision Higher and Ordinary level» by Oksana McNiff to help students to be prepared well for coming exams.
The newspaper contains astrological and numerological horoscopes for April, classifieds on jobs, services and rent, and advertising of companies providing the best services within and outside of Ireland.
We’d like free copies of «Nasha Gazeta» to be available at refugee reception centres, the Embassy of Ukraine in Dublin and community refugee groups
You can get the newspapers in Dublin, please contact us by phone +353851602896 or email: sales@russianireland.com


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