Recruiting New Staff – Top Ten Tips

Recruiting staff has become a big headache for many companies as the economy reaches full employment.

Recruitment websites like are a very good place to start for general staff recruitment. You can use Linkedin for more senior management roles. Many companies consider using recruitment agencies but this method can be expensive . Here are our Top Ten tips to consider when looking to recruit a new staff member:

1)      Recruit people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than you are – this is often far easier said than done. Measuring how smart and knowledgeable someone is by reading their Curriculum Vitae  and cover letter and then conducting one or two interviews is not always accurate or reliable

2)      Don’t recruit people you can’t learn from or be challenged by

3)      Recruit people who will add value to the product and culture

4)      Recruit people who inspire and work well with others – being inspirational and working well with others don’t always go hand in hand!

5)      Don’t hire people who prefer to work alone – everyone has to work with other people at some stage

6)      Don’t hire people with narrow skills sets or interests – unless those very narrow skills are exactly what you need

7)      Recruit people who get things done – a brilliant procrastinator is no good to your company no matter how good he or she is, if their brilliant ideas never get implemented

8)      Recruit people who are ethical and who communicate openly – measuring ethics is difficult in a recruitment situation but can be checked through references

9)      The urgency of filling a role isn’t sufficiently important to compromise quality in hiring – make haste slowly as the saying goes

10)   Recruit only when you’ve found a great candidate – its often far better to restart the recruitment process than take a second best candidate

Please get in contact if you need more help or advice with recruiting new staff or  growing your business further

Written by : Brendan Lawlor

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