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Eurolog Ireland is an association of schools, Russian language courses and Russian culture centres of all sorts, teachers of Russian language and literature, Russian-speaking parents and parents who have adopted Russian children, and enthusiastic activists: all those interested in teaching and learning, safeguarding and promoting the Russian language.

The Association was formed and was officially opened at the “Languages and Cultures of linguistic minorities in Ireland: policy, provision and Prospects” forum in November 2009. Eurolog consists of Russian weekend schools, teachers, and commercial organizations engaged in popularizing the Russian language and culture. The Eurolog committee consists entirely of volunteers. Information and Coordination Section: Ludmila Snigireva, Natalia Zadorozhnaya, Svetlana Ericsson. Pedagogic-methodical section: Alexander Afanasyev, Irina Ramonene, Svetlana Frolova. Organizational and Finance Section: Inna Nikitina, Vitaly Makhnanov.

The association is directed by Natalia Kulachkovskaya, who is a lecturer in Russian language at Trinity College, who arrived here in 2002. Eight years before her arrival she worked with students from Trinity College at the University of Saratov. She came to Saratov from Baku. All her life she has worked with foreigners. She worked at the Saratov Technical University, where students from Ireland went to study over the course of eight years. There was no school of Russian language for foreigners there so Natalia started it. After that, the department of Russian language at Trinity invited her to Ireland. Natalia loves her profession in all regards, but one of her most beloved activities is to teach in evening courses. Very interesting people are enrolled in them and it is like a small society of lovers of the Russian language and Russia.

Back in 2002, Irish interest in the Russian language was not so great. But iby the end of the noughties,  interest in the Russian language surged  in relation to economic growth in Russia.

The number of students grew and there was also quite a group of students for whom Russian is their native language. Natalia hopes that interest in Russia will not die out.

Eurolog provides information to parents about schools and it helps teachers by recommending books and programs. It provides free training courses for teachers’s professional development, workshops for teachers, outreach activities for the exchange of experience in other countries. The aim is to help schools is by providing educational materials and financial support, but for now such a possibility remains only an ambition.

The Association hosted an event on the 9th of May, 2010 in Clontarf Castle. A grand concert on the occasion of the 65 year anniversary of Victory Day!

The course “Basic knowledge of methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language for adults” was organized by Eurolog in autumn of 2011 with the financial support of the “Russian world” foundation. The lectures were given by Natalia Kulachkova.

15 teachers from all over Ireland – towns such as Dublin, Swords, Portlaoise, Drogheda, Newbridge and Galway – attended the course and listened to the lectures. Granting the teachers diplomas, Chargé d’Affaires of the Russian Federation in Ireland, Sergei Petrovich said: “This is a very important event. The fact is, every one of you acts as a cultural ambassador of Russia in Ireland by promoting the Russian language. And it is through the promotion of our language and culture that we best promote the image of Russia in Ireland.”

Eurolog invites all Russian weekend schools to collaborative mini-programs to attract Irish secondary schools in order to promote Russian culture and language in Ireland. Some future plans involve writing and publishing a Russian language textbooks for those who speak  Russian but cannot write and have never studied the language.

Contact the Association “Eurolog – Ireland”, please visit:

Ассоциация “Евролог-Ирландии”


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