A new scheme encouraging homeowners to install solar panels has been launched

The pilot scheme offers grants for the installation of solar panels and extra funds to install battery storage systems.

Environment Minister Denis Naughten says the scheme will allow people to turn their home into their very own “renewable power station.”

Announcing the grants for homeowners, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten TD said:

“Turning your home into a renewable power station is now one step closer. Microgeneration is an incredibly exciting space that will allow citizens in local communities to generate their own electricity and contribute towards Ireland’s climate action targets.

“With this grant that I am announcing today, a typical 3-bed semi-detached house would spend about €1,800 on a solar panel system and would save approximately €220 per year on their electricity bills.

How to apply

  1. Check if you’re eligible for the grant

Complete a short quiestionnaire to check if you are eligible for the scheme. You will receive an email shortly afterwards stating whether you are eligible or not.

  1. Appoint a registered SEAI solar PV installer.

If you are eligible, appoint a registered PV installer. Only an installer who is on SEAI’s Renewable Installers Register for Solar PV can certify the installation. View list of registered Solar PV installers.

  1. Install your solar PV panels

Proceed with your installation. Once the installation is complete, your installer will provide you with the required documentation you need to claim your grant payment.

  1. Claim your grant payment

Please ensure you have all the documents you need to claim your grant payment. Our online payment system will open in October. However all solar PV systems installed from Tuesday 31st July will be eligible for payment.


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