What Help Do Immigrant Entrepreneurs Need?

What challenges do you face as an Immigrant Entrepreneur?
What changes would you like to see made to make it easier for immigrants to start and grow a business in Ireland?

TU Dublin is asking Immigrant Entrepreneurs to complete a short survey to understand the challenges facing Immigrant Entrepreneurs and to state what actions should be taken to help them.
The findings will be published in a major report, so please complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K6RSJL9

The research team includes Professor Thomas Cooney and Martina Brophy.
You are asked to complete an online survey which will take approximately 10 minutes.
You are invited to take part if you were born outside of Ireland, but currently live in Ireland, and are interested in starting a business, currently run your own business, or had a business in the past.
Participation is entirely voluntary meaning that you have the right to refuse participation, refuse any question and withdraw at any time before completion of the survey.
Your completion of this online survey implies your consent to provide your data for our research.
The main risk of your participation is that you might feel uncomfortable giving personal information. Please know that your set of responses are not traceable back to you and this ensures that the data you provide is anonymous.
The main benefit of your participation is that your data will be used to map immigrant entrepreneurship in Ireland in 2021. You will receive no money for partaking in this study.
Your  anonymous  data  will be recorded and stored on Survey Monkey servers. It will also be stored electronically on the TU Dublin One Drive and will be encrypted with a password that only the research team knows and will have access to.
The results of the study will be published in a report that will be publicly available. There will be a webinar to mark the launch of the report and disseminate the results.
If you have any questions regarding the research and/or wish to receive a report of the findings, please contact the principal investigator, Professor Thomas Cooney (College of Business, TU Dublin), at thomas.cooney@tudublin.ie
If you have any concerns about this study and wish to contact an independent person, please contact: The Research Ethics and Integrity Committee, Technological University Dublin – City Campus. E-mail: researchethics@tudublin.ie 




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