Medical Negligence *

Medical negligence * (also known as clinical negligence) is a term used to describe situations where a patient suffers a personal injury * as a result of an error made by the medical practitioner.

In most cases, medical professionals are dedicated, diligent and ensure that the treatment you are receiving is to the highest standard.

How do claims arise? *

Medical negligence claims * can occur under different circumstances. Some examples of medical negligence include:

During surgery where there is an error.

A misdiagnosed patient

Medical practitioner fails to act, notice an illness or medical need.

The medical care a person receives is below the standard expected from a medical practitioner

A medical practitioner causes injury, loss of quality of life, or in some cases leading to death

Medical practitioners that may be attributed to the negligence of various injuries and illnesses are;

Doctor Malpractice


Medical consultants


Plastic surgeons




Psychologists and lab technicians.

The list can also include various members of a medical facility, either in the private or public sector.

Situations for claims *

Delay in diagnosing an illness or injury

Misdiagnosis of an illness or injury

Errors during a surgical procedure

Error in the prescription of medicine

Substandard care of the patient

Substandard hospital/clinical hygiene leading to contraction of an illness

Incorrect/inaccurate test results

Substandard pre surgical care – non-communication of risks involved with procedures

Foreign bodies and or surgical instruments retained by a patient following a surgical procedure

Aesthetic awareness while under general anaesthetic during a surgical procedure


Joanna (not her real name) underwent an operation to remove a cyst from her pancreas which was suspected of being cancerous in nature. The operation itself was successful and she was discharged home. Approximately 3 weeks later she attended her GP complaining of persistent pains in her stomach and abdomen postoperatively.

Upon examination of a CT scan, it was noted that there was an unidentified foreign object inside her which was causing her pain and distress for a number of weeks. The plaintiff underwent surgery and the foreign object was successfully removed and she went on to make a speedy recovery.

Her case settled against the hospital for approximately €20,000 within 4 months of initiating proceedings.


At Tracey Solicitors, our dedicated medical negligence solicitors have years of experience in medical negligance claims. We understand the injuries (physically and emotionally) that you have suffered and have supported and helped many people in similar situations proceed with medical negligence claims in Ireland over the past 30 years.

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*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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