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Hypnotism in one form or another has been practiced for a very long time. For hundreds of years the Yogis of Ancient India have applied the practice in various ways. They would throw themselves and others into a trance state of mind through concentration on various mantras.

Hypnotic phenomena can be observed in the ancient practices of Egyptian priests used in Temples of Healing. Also, the Persian Magi and Chinese Mystics used it to alleviate suffering.

There is no special mystical power in being a hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist. Anybody can learn about hypnosis and how to hypnotize a person but how good of a hypnotist you will be is quite another matter. Becoming a hypnotist is a developed skill that takes time and patience. It also takes a lot of practice and experience. Ask yourself a question: can you be a singer? Yes, you can if you have some talent in that direction, but that does not mean you are going to become Elvis Presley.

That is why I’d like to recommend Alexey Ivanov, or what he’s called on stage “Alex The Great Hypnotist” as only qualified ERT Scientific Hypnosis specialist in Ireland yet. Alex successfully graduated from my course EEG Brain Wave Technology and Emotional Replacement Therapy within Scientific Hypnotherapy Neurological & Physiological Advances in Modern Hypnosis training personally with me – Tom Silver.

In his clinic “Hypno Coding” Alex The Great Hypnotist does exactly what it called – Hypno Coding. He can delete infected or damaged files which represent bad habits, phobias, stresses from your subconscious mind, then he replaces them with new healthy patterns of your desired behaviour or feelings and finally will activate antivirus to protect your confidence, motivation and emotional balance.

Tom Silver



Emotion Replacement Therapy was created by famous American hypnotist Tom Silver who is a pioneer in hypnosis research and methodology, he is founder of Hypnosis Foundation, United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis; he is the creator of Emotion Replacement Therapy® (ERT), and developer of the EEG Scientific Hypnotism. Tom Silver is a TV’s Favourite Hypnotist, he is the star of CBS TV Special “Hypnotized”, also appeared on Dr Phil, The Doctors and many, many more.

Tom Silver says:

I created ERT many years ago because I felt that the simple processes of hypnotherapy using suggestion was not powerful enough to remove many of my clients long ingrained habits, negative emotions and or addictions. Most of the schools that teach hypnotherapy are teaching methods based on techniques that are 50 to over 100 old and are in my opinion very limited on the therapeutic long term success. Many of the hypnotherapists are trained in what I call passive hypnotherapy and light frequency or light stage hypnosis.

Emotion Replacement Therapy is the most advanced newest form of Neuro-therapy which involves total interaction between therapist and the client. It also involves sensory processes including, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

The theory behind Emotion Replacement Therapy is that our minds are similar to a duo-processing computer in where as the conscious mind operation is like the ram or screen power of the computer, and the subconscious mind is like the hard drive on a computer. As we all know, the inner workings of our mind or what is called our subconscious mind is much more powerful and stronger then our outer mind operation which is our conscious mind. The conscious mind is located near the outer areas of the brain is what is called the cortex. All of our life programming, habits, emotions, etc are located in our subconscious “hard drives” or mind. Our logic and reason part of our mind also called the analytical or cognitive mind is our conscious or waking mind. I find that most people actually use their conscious mind incorrectly and continue to stimulate the negative emotional data or memories that are stored within our subconscious mind.

The inner or subconscious mind identities and associates with our conscious thoughts. This is also the big problem that has plagued hypnotherapists for many years. The fact that being that if our subconscious hard drive is stimulated by our conscious thoughts and it attached directly to our conscious thoughts, it is imperative that the Hypnotherapist or Emotion Replacement Therapist teach their clients how to use their conscious mind correctly. The theory behind ERT is that our mind operates on various brain wave frequencies and Neuro-dynamic mind activity what the scientists called “Mind Power,” or “Neuro-Amplitude” within low brain wave frequencies.

Emotion Replacement Therapy, just like hypnotherapy appears to be much more effective in the lower brain wave frequencies. When you lower brain waves, you have more access to a client’s subconscious bio computer or what we might call their bio-hard drive and this gives the ERT Therapist and Hypnotherapist a greater advantage in reducing client conscious resistance and increasing subconscious receptive states of suggestibility.

Our brain also produces certain mind chemicals in these various brain wave states that can help to heal our mind and body. Some of these include Serotonin, Melatonin, Dopamine, endorphins, and more. These mind chemicals in the brain are stimulated and produced naturally while a person is relaxing under ERT and Hypnosis. That is why so many people feel so refreshed and energized after they awaken from an ERT or a hypnotherapy session.

These ‘mind chemicals’ can create a chemical balance in your mind and body as well as help to heal some physical pains that can occur from negative subconscious emotions. These are called body syndromes which are physical manifestations of an emotional anxiety. These emotions are negative emotions and all emotions are located in our subconscious bio computer and they will be sorted out just call to the ERT hypnosis operator.

It is our mind alone that chains us or sets us free. Unchain Your Success. Re-code your bad habit of making excuses, and feel free being Healthy, Fit and Forever Young!

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Address: 31 Brews Hill, Navan, Co. Meath

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