Appeal of philanthropist Debbie Deegan to Russian-speaking community of Ireland

To my dear Russian friends and colleagues, my opinion may not matter to many of you, but as Russia is my second homeland for a quarter of a century, I feel I have the right to express an opinion, I do not need a debate, I am simply offering the humble opinion of someone who respects so many of you.

I fully understand your need to express your pride and gratitude on May 9, for millions that died to save us all from Hilter’s soldiers. The west does not give enough credit in history books, or anywhere for that matter about the sheer numbers of Russians that fought for us all to live the lives that we have today.

I am 100 percent against rallies, convoys, motorways, big gatherings this year, I understand them in the past, maybe again in the future, but not now at this time.

I there is the tiniest chance that this may attract some people with aggressive views, Z’s, flags, it is the very last thing good Russians need in Ireland, their second mother land at this moment.

I think in the name of peace, small gatherings with friends in gardens, or forests, maybe have small picnics, sing your lovely songs, remember your dead in quiet and calm. Convoys of cars will simply attract so much negative attention, and after the  aggressive rubbish we all saw on Channel One, I thing there is enough negativity already this week.

We have so many great Russian people in Ireland, so many Russian children in schools, so many adopted children, why take a risk to make life more difficult, and this is a risk.

It may go by unnoticed, but that is unlikely.

If you are simply going to attract attention, you will achieve that for sure.

We need calm, we need peace, we all need to be more tolerant of each other, at this time, enough innocent people have died, been massacred, lost their entire lives and homes, young soldiers on both sides dying , thousands of them, young men and women that had a future six weeks ago no longer exist, husbands, sons, wives, babies killed.

We need peace, not convoys and rallys, at this shocking time in all of our lives.

Maybe next year if there is no war then and we have brokered peace, revert back to big gatherings, picnics, shashleek, or whatever you like, but as an Irish woman that can see both sides of this in our small country, for the sake of peace and good relations, my advice is to stay home and commemorate or do something small and peaceful with friends.

It is entirely your choice, I can only offer advice

Debbie Deegan


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