Russian school in Cork

The Russian school in Cork, the second largest city in the republic, is an officially registered volunteer organization, created by parents in order to help their children to study Russian language and Slavic culture.

The school has a library, which provides students with textbooks and extra reading materials (as well as books for individual reading). One can also find classical literature for kids and adults there.

The school rents space in a local boys’ school. Classes take place on Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00, so kids can combine them with their main studies. Students can also students take classes in acrobatics.

There are five teachers at school, who have qualifications in Russian language, literature and philology, and are able to teach primary school children. There is also a pre-school education teacher, a psychologist and a teacher of acrobatics. Day monitors visit each class. Volunteers assist the whole process – without parents’ contribution this school would not exist.

There are also  parents and administrative committees. The administration plans the school’s development strategy and its work, taking into account the wishes and ideas of parents, children and teachers.  The parents committee plans holidays, sports competitions and excursions, issues school leaflets and greets students on their birthday. Sometimes they also hold informational meetings and arrange hobby groups.

Within the next few years the school plans to get accreditation from the Irish Department of Education and Science and permission to give FETAC certification.

Contact Details:

Director: Natalia Fokina


Tel.: 0862599793.

Русская школа в Корке



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