More Irish than the Irish themselves: Huge spike in number of British becoming 'naturalised citizens'


FINE GAEL SENATOR Neale Richmond today revealed that the number of British people becoming Irish citizens has grown exponentially in the last year. Figures obtained by the senator showed how 529 British people became Irish citizens in the last year. Richmond said that the result of the Brexit referendum is the only obvious reason behind […]

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ALMOST SIX IN ten small-to-medium sized businesses believe Brexit will have a negative impact on their future business, but only 6% of businesses have a plan in place to deal with the fallout of the UK leaving the EU.


The AIB Brexit Sentiment Index for the second quarter of this year also highlights that 70% of businesses believe that Brexit will have a negative wider economic impact on the country. Since the index began, the feeling of Irish businesses has been overwhelmingly negative about Brexit and that hasn’t changed with this latest index, as […]

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BUSINESS GROUP IBEC has said that Ireland “has a lot to lose” in the context of a US-EU trade war because of the country’s dependency on US steel


In its latest quarterly report, Ibec has predicted economic growth of 5.7% this year, ahead of similar forecasts by both the government and Central Bank, but warned of a number potential risks. The group says that Ireland’s economy has “firmly moved into a ‘post-recovery’ stage” with “households clearly benefiting from rising incomes” and a strong […]

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Что будет с европейцами и ирландцами после BREXIT?


Все граждане ЕС, проживающие в Великобритании, должны будут получить идентификационную карту, подтверждающую их статус, а граждане Ирландии могут, не беспокоится, сообщает Irish Times.

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В клубе «Импрессум» говорили о жизни балтийцев в Ирландии


В июне коллеги из Таллиннского медиа-клуба «Импрессум» пригласили меня рассказать о жизни в Ирландии.

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Повышение заработной платы и BREXIT приведут к замедлению роста экономики


Согласно официальной статистике, в прошлом году экономика страны росла, но вместе с ней росли, социальные расходы и заработная плата.

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Brexit. Британия уходит, чем это грозит Ирландии?


51.9% жителей Британских островов проголосовали за выход страны из Европейского Сообщества.

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