дорожно транспортное происшествие

Bus Accident Claims *


The public transport system in the Republic of Ireland maintains a high level of health and safety standards each year. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) released the statistic that buses are the safest form of public transport within the country. However, when accidents * do occur, they can have a calamitous effect due to the […]

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Time Is Ticking!


From the minute an accident happens the legal clock begins to start. It is important to be made aware of the legal time limits in place especially if you are involved in an accident due to the negligence of a third party. As only within a specific time frame are you able to bring a claim […]

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Rear ended on Long Mile Road – Case Study *


Case details Case Type: Road Traffic Accident * Injury: Soft tissue injuries to neck, shoulder & lower back *. Case summary Incident: Michael was involved in an accident on the Long Mile Road and when he was stationary at a crossroads and was rear-ended by a car who failed to stop. Such was the force of the impact […]

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4% Rise in Road Deaths Recorded in 2019


Pedestrian deaths decline by 36% and passenger deaths down by 20%, but 2019 sees 45% rise in driver deaths Vulnerable road user deaths decline by 23%   Provisional road collision statistics for 2019 show deaths resulting from road traffic collisions have increased. A total of 148* people lost their lives in 2019, compared to 142 […]

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Ireland receives EU road safety award for 2019


Ireland named second safest European Union Member State in 2018 Ireland has today been named the winner of this year’s prestigious European Transport Safety Council Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) award. The annual award is presented to a European country that has demonstrated continued progress on road safety combined with a strategic approach to tackling […]

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Fatal Road Accident Claims *


A fatal road accident claim * is legal action taken whereby a person dies as a result of a road traffic accident. As a result of the wrongful act of another person. Unfortunately, fatal road accidents * happen on a regular basis. The financial burden that their dependents bear thereafter can be alleviated through the fatal […]

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2018 Another Record Low for Road Fatalities 4% drop in road deaths in 2018 compared to 2017


Provisional road collision statistics for 2018 show Ireland continued to improve its road safety performance by recording a 4% drop in road deaths, making it the safest year since road deaths were first recorded in 1959. Up to 3pm on the 31 December 2018 a total of 149 people lost their lives on Ireland’s roads […]

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What to do if you are involved in Road Traffic Accident?


Road traffic accident claims * are an all too common occurrence and can happen for a number of different reasons. It comes as no surprise that car crash claims * are the most common of all personal injury claims * presented to solicitors and to the Injuries Board. Being involved in a car accident, as a […]

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Будьте осторожней на дорогах. 15 ноября !


Начиная с 2005 года согласно резолюции Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН третье воскресенье ноября объявлено в Всемирным днем памяти жертв дорожно-транспортных аварий (World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims). В этом году этот день приходится на 15 ноября.

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