Dublin Bus

Bus Accident Claims *


The public transport system in the Republic of Ireland maintains a high level of health and safety standards each year. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) released the statistic that buses are the safest form of public transport within the country. However, when accidents * do occur, they can have a calamitous effect due to the […]

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Dublin Bus adds hybrid buses to its fleet – and they’ve changed colour from blue to green


Dublin Bus have some hybrid buses to their fleet, and they’re a different colour to the yellow and blue we know and love. The three new Wrightbus StreetDeck HEV 96 double-decker buses have a distinctive yellow and green paint job. They’ll massively reduce CO2 emissions compared to the other buses in the fleet, but will […]

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DUBLIN Bus will scrap cash refunds for customers who overpay fares from next month


Dublin Bus users will no longer be able to claim refunds from their head office from September 9. Instead, passengers will be given an ‘extra payment’ receipt that is non-redeemable. Dublin Bus is advising all commuters to use Leap Cards or have exact change as they make the switch. The Leap card came into effect in […]

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В Дублине появятся круглосуточные автобусные маршруты


Компания Dublin Bus планирует запустить 24х часовые маршруты автобусов в аэропорт, Бланчардстаун и по магистрали N11.

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Водители автобусов в Дублине будут бастовать 6 дней в сентябре.


Профсоюзы дублинских водителей объявили о забастовках в сентябре. Забастовки назначены на 8, 9, 15, 16, 23 и 24 сентября.

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