Гражданство Ирландии

Shock ruling says citizenship cannot be granted if applicant has spent a day outside Ireland in past year


THE HIGH COURT has ruled that nobody can be granted Irish citizenship if they have spent a single day outside the country in the past year. The unexpected judgment, handed down by Mr Justice Max Barrett, could affect thousands of people applying for Irish citizenship on the basis of residence in the country. Experts called […]

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Number of Irish passport applications rises to record level


MORE THAN 230,000 applications for Irish passports have been made to date in 2019. This marks a 30% increase compared to the same period last year.There were more than 860,000 Irish passports issued in 2018 – the highest number ever issued in one year. The Passport Office said there are a number of reasons for […]

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Irish passports issued to UK increase, while numbers fall in France, Germany and Spain


OVER THE PAST three years, the London embassy has issued the highest number of Irish passports of any diplomatic office in the world, while the rate for other European cities has trailed off. While approval rates of UK requests for Irish passports has increased in the past few years – and in particular since the […]

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More Irish than the Irish themselves: Huge spike in number of British becoming 'naturalised citizens'


FINE GAEL SENATOR Neale Richmond today revealed that the number of British people becoming Irish citizens has grown exponentially in the last year. Figures obtained by the senator showed how 529 British people became Irish citizens in the last year. Richmond said that the result of the Brexit referendum is the only obvious reason behind […]

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Ирландский паспорт в десятке лучших


Ирландское гражданство заняло 9е место в списке лучших, в мировом рейтинге The Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI)

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Сила ирландского паспорта


Обладатели ирландских паспортов могут без визы посещать больше стран, чем граждане других государств.

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В 2017 в Ирландии выдано рекордное количество паспортов


Вице-премьер и министр иностранных дел Ирландии Симон Ковеней (Simon Coveney), заявил, что в 2017 году ирландцам было выдано более 779000 паспортов.

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