пенсионный возраст



Richie MacRitchie is an information officer with Welfare Appeals, who provide information and representation on social welfare, housing, employment and other issues.  Regular clinics are held in Russian language in the Larkin Unemployed Centre, North Strand Road, Dublin 3 and by zoom (Appointment is required) For details, visit http://www.welfareappeals.ie/index.php/en/russian-info . If you would like further […]

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Dáil debates bill to raise retirement age to 70


A bill to increase the retirement age to 70 has begun its passage through the Oireachtas. Introducing the second stage of the Public Service Superannuation Bill, Minister of State Michael D’Arcy said that long-serving public servants would be able to continue their employment. He pointed out that some people face financial commitments such as mortgages and supporting children […]

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Пенсионный возраст в Ирландии поднимется до 68 лет


Пенсионный возраст в Ирландии, который сейчас равняется 65 годам, к 2028 году будет поднят до 68 лет. Такие постановления содержатся в новом Пенсионном плане (National Pensions Framework), который ирландское правительство приняло 3 марта.

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