What is the Working Family Payment and how do I qualify?


For many working parents, covering the everyday costs of family life can be a stretch. And many may not be aware of the supports that are available for them. The Government’s Working Family Payment (WFP) is a weekly, tax-free payment available to employees with children and gives extra financial support to people on low to […]

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The myth of the free council house: 'We're not just handing them over, that would be crazy


LAST YEAR, SOCIAL housing tenants paid almost €351 million to local authorities in rent. According to Mary Hayes, administrative officer for Dublin City Council housing allocations, getting a local authority home is “not as easy as people think”. And she said no one is simply handed a ‘free house’. There is a strict set of […]

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A landlord who refused to allow a struggling family pay a portion of their rent through rent allowance for 15 months has been ordered to pay them €14,000 in compensation


In the case, Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Adjudication Officer, Ewa Sobanska said that she was ordering the landlord to pay €7,000 to each parent in the case as she found the discrimination “to be at the more serious end of the scale”. Ms Sobanska said that she was making the award taking into account the […]

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Социальное пособие повышают


Как и было установлено в бюджете Ирландии на 2018 год, 26 марта, социальные выплаты повышаются на €5.

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Злостных социальщиков будут вычислять через социальные сети.


Департамент Социальной защиты Ирландии создал специальную группу киберразведки, которая будет вычислять получателей социальной помощи, живущих не по средствам сообщает Irish Datly Mail.

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