How to Act in your Best Interest after an Accident At Work


Accidents in the work place are a common cause of personal injury * here in Ireland. Personal injury * relating to workplace accidents * can take many different forms and are a direct result of negligence at the hands of a third party (such as an employer or fellow work colleague). The events of these […]

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Rear ended on Long Mile Road – Case Study *


Case details Case Type: Road Traffic Accident * Injury: Soft tissue injuries to neck, shoulder & lower back *. Case summary Incident: Michael was involved in an accident on the Long Mile Road and when he was stationary at a crossroads and was rear-ended by a car who failed to stop. Such was the force of the impact […]

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Retained Surgical Object – Medical Negligence Case Details


Case Type: Medical Negligence * Settled by: Caoimhe McConnell Injury: Retention of Surgical Device * Case Summary Incident: The client gave birth to her daughter on the 24/08/2016 and was sent home from the hospital. She had an uncomfortable feeling of pressure all that day and when she woke up that night to use the bathroom she got […]

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Dublin Airport Injury Claim *


Airport injury claims * can happen at any stage in Dublin Airport. This may be from the moment you park your car in the Dublin Airport carpark facilities, to walking through the terminal, having a bite to eat or boarding the plane itself. Depending on the nature of your injury and the how the accident […]

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What is a Zebra Crossing? Zebra and pedestrian crossings are in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians when crossing a road. Although there are precautions in place, accidents on zebra crossings * can still happen. These types of road accidents * can occur as a result of either a pedestrian or driver negligence. It is up to all […]

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Medical Negligence *


Medical negligence * (also known as clinical negligence) is a term used to describe situations where a patient suffers a personal injury * as a result of an error made by the medical practitioner. In most cases, medical professionals are dedicated, diligent and ensure that the treatment you are receiving is to the highest standard. […]

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Child personal injury claims arise following an accident involving children. A claim for compensation for an accident involving a child is treated differently than personal injury claims for adults. A person under the age of 18 is considered a ‘minor’ in the eyes of the law. A minor cannot engage a solicitor or make an accident compensation […]

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Injured In A Public Place – Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, trips and falls (also referred to as public liability claims) can occur in almost any environment. From tripping on a pavement while out and about as a result of an uneven or broken footpath, a fall in a supermarket on a wet or slippery floor, trip or fall in the workplace, at a restaurant, […]

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Compensation Claims Estimator *


One of the most common questions asked by people who are pursuing a personal injury claim * following an accident that was not their fault is how much compensation they will get. This is a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that are taken into consideration when a compensation amount is settled on and […]

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Data Access Request for CCTV Footage in Personal Injury Claims *


In the variety of cases we deal with from road traffic accidents, accidents at work, assaults, defamation and public liability, as a matter of primary investigation seek where possible CCTV footage of an incident. The sources of such footage range from, standard cameras in a public area, traffic cameras on streets, dash cameras in cars, […]

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