Tatyana Tsarik, artist, teacher of painting

The work of Tatiana Tsarik can be found in several galleries around Dublin, and her details are included in the Buyer’s Guide to Irish Art catalogue. Tatiana is one of the most famous artists in Ireland hailing from Eastern Europe.

She came to Ireland from Western Ukraine in 2001 with her husband, Andrew Ozerny, who is also an artist. “At first it was difficult,” says Tatiana. “My husband and I walked around every gallery in Dublin and nobody wanted to take our work; only a few decided to take a chance.”

Now that Tatiana has had more than a dozen exhibitions and even more works sold, she has found her niche. The bulk of her works are landscapes, she paints Irish nature and several well-known sights around Dublin. For example, one picture shows a night on Grafton Street, another, the facade of the Shelbourne Hotel. Tatiana admits that such scenarios are the most popular with her audience, many of whom live overseas. Many pictures are bought over the Internet by citizens of the United States and Canada whose ancestors emigrated there from Ireland.

“I love this country, and I love Dublin,” says Tatiana. “Probably, it shows in my work and people feel it.”

The artist says that she has a special affinity for Irish rain, which “completely blurs the colours of the city, making them soft and beautiful.” Tatiana Tsarik is also partial to Irish pubs and the architecture of Dublin and the form of the Irish harbours on a fine day, when dozens of fishing boats and dazzling white yachts fill her with delight.

Tatiana draws in the tradition of the Ukrainian school of painting, but values Irish artists. Thus, one of her favourite artists is the Irishman Walter Osborne, an impressionist whose work can be seen in the National Gallery in Dublin. Another artist appreciated by Tatiana is the famous Irish painter Jack B. Yeats. “In the museums of Ireland there is much to see and the level of work is simply stunning,” she says.

In addition to producing pictures, Tatiana Tsarik also teaches painting in Russian schools around Ireland and holds master classes for children and adults. “I always have different ideas come to mind. For example, I would like to try my hand at abstraction. I also want to do a culinary exhibit at some stage. My dream is to make compositions of chocolate and butter,” she says.


Viktor Posudnevsky

Татьяна Царик: художница, преподаватель живописи


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