Higher and postgraduate education in Moscow’s National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”

In the very heart of Moscow lies one of the top technical Universities in the World. Having celebrated its 100th birthday in 2018, the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” is the largest University in Moscow city. With Gorky Park beside it, MISIS is only a short hop to Red Square and St. Basils, in fact, both are visible from the classrooms of the University.

Since last year Dubliner Alan Moore has been Director of the MISIS International Office and seen a rapid development of the already strong International community there.

“A quarter of our student body is non-Russian and we made a huge step last year by establishing the International Student Council, who’s President will now represent the interests of International students on the MISIS student union. We were already a very International university though we are always trying to improve on this,” said Moore.

So what is NUST MISIS? And what does MISIS stand for? MISIS is the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

The Rector is Doctor Alevtina Chernikova, one of Russia’s thought leaders in Higher Education. She instilled the motto of “Student First” in MISIS and has worked tirelessly to place the University in the World’s elite since taking up her post in 2013.

An economist by education, Doctor Chernikova has made it very clear that students are not only to receive the highest quality education, they also need to be highly sought after by employers. It is this drive that has MISIS top in Russia for student employability. Added to this the focus on making foreign language learning of vital importance and graduates are amongst the highest paid in Russia.

In addition to learning in Moscow, students can partake in academic mobility programs and spend up to a semester with MISIS’ partner universities like: ETH Zurich (6th in QS Rankings 2021), TU Munich (50th in QS Rankings 2021), ENS Lyon (161st in QS Rankings 2021) and even further afield to MIT in the US, the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and KAIST (ranked 39th in QS Rankings 2021) in South Korea. And students can enjoy a jaunt to the UK and a semester with top 10 University College London. In Ireland MISIS has a partnership of over 20 years with the University of Limerick and a new link with the Limerick Institute of Technology.

Closer to home, MISIS has 4 campuses in Russia where students can spend study and practical time, working in large modern industrial complexes to grow knowledge and value to employers. Students must, in any case, spend a semester interning with an industry employer. Normally such internships are undertaken at University partner employers like Huawei, Kaspersky, Rusal, Panasonic, Gazprom, Unilever, Severstal and Eurochem. In 2021 MISIS is ranked 43rd amongst Universities in the world for graduate employability.

“Because of the standard of education here, we find most of our International students are highly sought after by multinationals given their added language skills, both here in Russia and elsewhere. The entry-level salaries and benefits are far higher, which means students are very motivated to not just study hard, but get noticed as soon as possible,” observed Moore, who was appointed to the steering committee of the BRICS academic mobility program. Through this program students can benefit from study and travel to Institutions throughout Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

So what is there to study for a school or university graduate from Ireland and why would it be worthwhile?
MISIS has 10 Institutes, 7 of which accept full-time students. They are:
• Ecotechnology and engineering (EcoTech)
• New materials and nanotechnologies (INMiN)
• Mining Institute (GI)
• Economics and Management of Industrial Enterprises (EUPE) named after V.A.
• Information technology and computer science (ITKN (IT&CS), formerly ITASU)
• Basic education (IBO)
• Preparation Faculty (PodFak)

If students have sufficient Russian language skills they can immediately start an undergrad or postgrad in Russian. If a person has not the sufficient skills in Russian language, they can study in the preparation faculty for a year to perfect not only their language skills but also be introduced to the area in which they wish to study.

Bachelor degree courses are 4 years long while in the Горный институт, the Specialist degree lasts for 5 ½ years. Masters and PhD courses last from 2 years and can be studied part-time. There are 9 English-taught Masters programs that are Internationally recognized with Diploma Supplements, they are:
• Advanced Materials Science
• Innovative Software Systems: Design, Development & Applications
• Communications and International Public Relations
• and Materials of Solar Energy
• Quantum Physics for Advanced Materials Engineering
• Advanced Metallic Materials and Engineering
• Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments
• Data Science
• Nanotechnology and Materials for Micro- and Nanosystems Science
Students of the Communications and International Public Relations Masters program are headhunted by International broadcasters and media agencies like France 24, Associated Press and Feature Story News, as well as by multinational companies like KPMG, Mondelez, Adidas and Heineken.
Those wishing to go further in their academic careers for PhD’s and beyond, can do so at MISIS in English and Russian. The university has over 30 world-class laboratories and 3 global centres of engineering excellence, with monthly breakthroughs in areas from ecology and biomedicine to metallurgy and data science. Funding is available for those undertaking PhD and post-doctoral studies, including for academic mobility.

That is what there is to study, but the question is – why MISIS?
“The easiest way to say it is the perfect match of quality and cost. You are getting world-class education, in a top ranked University and you are paying a fraction of the cost you would in the rest of Europe. For under 2,000e a year you are working your way towards a top class qualification and getting work experience in leading International companies,” Moore continued, “Put into that the small amount you pay for accommodation in one of our residences, the price friendly shops and transport of Moscow, and it is real value for money. Even though we are one of the most expensive universities in Russia, we are delivering so much more for a lot less expense.”

MISIS’ “Dom Kommuna” residence has won awards for both design and comfort, with a pharmacy, shops, cafes, computer rooms and sports facilities all within the complex situated a 10 minute metro ride from Oktyabrskaya station (next to the MISIS campus). It and the “Metallurg” residence are annually in Russia’s top 10 student dormitory rankings. Dr. Chernikova has kept the quality of life for her students to the forefront of all decisions. Sports and entertainment are key within this.

Students can join any number of sports clubs from football, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and even Gaelic Games! Gaelic Games came to MISIS through Alan Moore and students can train midweek with the University and at weekends with Moscow Shamrocks at the home grounds of FC Lokomotiv Moscow. The International Student Council ensure that sports enthusiasts are kept busy year round by organizing weekly trips to watch partners sports clubs play in Russian and International competition. This past year International students got to watch Bayern Munich visit Lokomotiv in the UEFA Champions

League and Russian Premier League matches at Dinamo, Spartak, CSKA and Lokomotiv Moscow. And when football went into hibernation they enjoyed KHL ice hockey with CSKA, Spartak and Dinamo Moscow.
In Winter students go skating at the large outdoor rink in Gorky Park and in Summer bicycles and roller blades are out in force. The ISC has an active theatre club which puts on 1-2 shows per year, in addition to regular concerts and performances. With students from 84 countries around the world, there is always a wide range of styles, cultures and music to enjoy. Even St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in MISIS with the famous Pyramid going green!

Tickets to performances in Moscow’s theatres and concert halls are always available, along with free walking tours of the city. Medical services are provided at the university polyclinic and there is 24/7 support from student services. Students are guaranteed a full digital environment with free wifi throughout MISIS’ campus and dorms, this also gives access to online academic libraries and resources.
“Student first is more than our slogan, it’s our motivation. Even the GAA training, we did it to give everyone an option to just enjoy a new sport and in Europe it’s very different to Ireland where men and women train together and it is more fun and fitness, and if you want competition you have the Moscow Shamrocks who play regular tournaments in Russia and Europe. One thing is for sure, you will never, ever be bored in Moscow and of all the Universities I’ve dealt with here, this is the first where I can honestly say – You feel really and truly welcome.”
Alan Moore is Director of the International Office of MISIS and this year received the Gold Medal for Development of Cooperation in International Education from the Russian Universities Cooperative. He has worked and lived in Russia since 2010, as a sports manager and journalist, and lecturer in sports studies. Since 2017 he has worked for Capital FM in Moscow as host of Capital Sports and commentated on the FIFA World Cup for FIFA. He is a Committee member of International University organizations such as the Alliance of Russian and Spanish Universities, BRICS Network University and UK-Russia University Alliance.
Degree courses start at under 2,000e per year and full visa and migration support is provided by MISIS, as well as 24/7 support upon arrival in Russia.

For more information on NUST MISIS and how to enroll, you can email Alan on alan.moore@misis.ru


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