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I got tired of trying to decipher news and information, so decided to tell the story of what’s happening here with a personal edge. I listen to radio daily, watch tv, youtube shows and read copious amounts of news articles (okay, mostly sports), yet not a single one will tell the truth without bias.

Russian ones have their inherent bias and view of the world. English the same. Ditto American, Ukrainian and German. I had always relied on Irish media to tell unvarnished truths and report form all sides, though in this war of media and cultural values it’s almost hard to tell apart news and pr.

So bear with me as I try to give as unbiased a view as possible from within the belly of the Russian bear! It’ll be at least 3 mornings a week (at 8am CET) and feedback is welcomed!


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Alan Moore

Alan Moore

Born in Dublin, now based in Moscow working with NUST MISIS as International Director and Host of Capital Sports 3.0.

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